Le Comptoir d'Aliénor : a shield against precariousness

The Comptoir d’Aliénor, based on the Talence campus, is a social, solidarity and cultural grocery store run by the ATENA Federation and its network.

Low prices

Le Comptoir provides access to food and hygiene products for 10% to 30% of the market price.

Regain a social link

To combat social exclusion, Le Comptoir provides a student living space.


Regularly animated by a wide variety of events, the Comptoir helps to create a social bond between students.

There are three key steps to becoming a beneficiary...

01 /Create your account on the app

It will help you submitting your requests and share your documents.

02 / Send your beneficiary request

Click "Déposer un dossier AGORAé" and choose "AGORAé Comptoir d'Aliénor".

03 / Wait

Once your file is completed and your supporting documents submitted, you just have to wait the answer. The profiles social evaluation is treated within 7 days, is anonymous and based on living expenses.

...Or becoming volunteer

Looking for an enriching human experience?

Le Comptoir d’Aliénor is recruiting new volunteers from the start of the 2024 school year, so what are you waiting for?
Join the Comptoir d’Aliénor team! Whether you’ve got experience or not, you’ll be able to help us developing various activities within the store and contribute to its smooth running.


So if you’re interested in this great adventure and want to get involved as a volunteer in a project with a social, solidarity and cultural vocation, join the Comptoir d’Aliénor team by registering via our form.

Would you like to support us financially?

The Comptoir d’Aliénor relies on the solidarity of each and every one of you. Because there’s no such thing as a small gesture, you can support us as often as you like, and in whatever amount you choose.

Where to find us ?

Getting there